Our Pasta

Working together with academic experts, we carefully select only local wheat, grounded and milled in Italy.


Our wheat was selected before the invasive genetic improvement programs carried out during the 70’s and it is still organically grown and of a very high quality.


We consider whole wheat pasta the engine of our production. It is strictly made using flour which has not been reconstituted.


Our kernel is stone-grounded thus allowing the production of whole wheat flour which still contains the bran, the germ, and the aleurone layer, small particles comparable to treasure chests full of essential nutrients: fibres, minerals, proteins, B and E vitamins, and iron.

Made in Italy

100% made in Puglia: Cultivation, grinding and handicraft production in the same geographical area.


Compared to modern grains, our ancient wheat contains less gluten and is therefore more digestible. It has not undergone genetic changes and it is always cultivated organically.


The wheat germ, present in our whole wheat pasta, is particularly rich in Vitamin E (antioxidant), B vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium and zinc) and licosanols. In modern flours the wheat germ is eliminated from the final product to increase productivity.

Healtier (stone grinded)

Whole wheat pasta with a low glycemic index, releases glucose slowly and steadily, thus not causing blood glucose spikes. Ideal for diabetics, sportsmen or individuals with metabolic syndrome.