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Casa Sabatelli is home for all those who like good quality Italian pasta. Not just an ordinary Italian restaurant: Casa Sabatelli is the place where one can taste the most original Mediterranean cuisine all made with our durum wheat and real whole-wheat pasta. This is also the ideal place where you can treat yourself with healthy food: to enjoy here, for take-away or home delivery.

With us you can find your favorite pasta dishes: choose among the different pasta shapes, all topped up with delicious sauces: just think about lasagne or the deliciously baked pasta, warm soups for the coldest days and summer pasta salads. We choose our ingredients carefully to guarantee a unique gourmet experience.

Our wide choice of dishes with their special fragrances and the unforgettable taste is characteristic of the warmth you can feel in Puglia homes: our specialties will virtually and directly take you there.


We don’t want our pasta to be the best, we want it to be the healthiest! Working together with academic experts, we carefully select only local wheat, grounded and milled in ITALY.

Our wheat was selected before the invasive genetic improvement programs carried out during the Seventies and it is still organically grown and of a very high quality.

” I simply wanted to make a pasta which is authentic and which carries the genuine wheat flavour.” says Mr. Sabatelli.


We consider whole wheat pasta the flagship of our production. It is strictly made using flour which has not been reconstituted (to distinguish it from the 95% reconstituted whole wheat flour that prevails in the market). Our kernel (the grain of wheat) is stone-grounded thus allowing the production of whole wheat flour which still contains the bran, the germ, and the aleurone layer, small particles comparable to treasure chests full of essential nutrients: fibres, minerals, proteins, B and E vitamins, and iron.

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